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What's New

September 25, 2023
Garret Mott has updated the CopyDB project. A view has been added that lets you select/unselect tables to copy

August 08, 2023
New version of the vWin32fh library. This fixes a wrongly placed windows.pkg include for webapp and adds support for DataFlex 23.0

March 29, 2023
Garret Mott has written a tool that you can use to quickly make a clone of an existing MS SQL database. You can find the tool over at the CopyDB page. Supports MSSQL 2014 and newer and DataFlex 19.0 and up.

August 19, 2022
An updated version of AnyFlex for DataFlex 19.1

November 25, 2021
New version of the vWin32fh library. This fixes a few struct alignment issues with 64 bit versions of DataFlex.

September 16, 2021
New version of the vWin32fh library. This fixes a unicode issue with the functions vGetWindowsDirectory and vGetTempPath, extends error handling and makes it work again with DataFlex 19.0.

May 16, 2021
New DataFlex 20.0 versions of the cFileSystem and vWin32fh libraries for adding Unicode and 64 bit support. DataFlex 19.1 and up.

October 8, 2020
Update to the SyncFusion Library, adding toolbar functionality

September 21, 2020
Update of the SQLQueries application

September 13, 2020
Release of the SQLQueries application, a DataFlex application written by Bob Worsley for enabling your end user to run SQL Queries against an SQL database.

June 17, 2020
Release of the SyncFusion Library, a DataFlex wrapper for the SyncFusion Grid javascript control

September 14, 2019
New DataFlex 19.1 version of cFileSystem library

August 13, 2019
The first release of a Table Document utility that can be used to document your database fields.

July 24, 2019
New version of Outlook drag and drop package available for help with saving attachments in the email Outlook Drag and drop

September 4, 2018
New version of cFileSystem package is now a library, more details at Library cFileSystem

June 14, 2018
New version of vWin32fh to fix a bug introduced with DataFlex 19.1 rewrite, function vFolderFileCount was missing a UCharArrayToString function library vWin32fh

June 6, 2018
New beta version of vWin32fh to fix all warnings in DataFlex 19.1, so it is using a more modern coding style library vWin32fh

April 4, 2018
Fix typos in define TIME_NOMIHUTESORSECONDS and DATE_SHORTDATE for library vWin32fh

March 17, 2018
This article discusses some methods on how to make your codejock XAML objects interactive.
Interactive Xaml objects

March 13, 2018
The 3D STL viewer project wraps some of the logic from the Delphi GLScene open source project as an ActiveX control.
As a result you can now display 3D stereolithography objects in your DataFlex projects
STL viewer demo.
March 9, 2018
Initial release of the NOVAX Database maintenance - open source version
This is a database maintenance tool for the native DataFlex database that Allan Greis Eriksen has developed and used since the year 2000.
Novax database maintenance.

October 31, 2017
Updated vWin32fh to take care of a bug in the vParentPath function, added vPathIsDirectory WINAPI filehandling.

October 1, 2017
Bob Worsley has updated the Check for unused Variables it can now remove the unused variables on your behalf.

September 5, 2017
Updated vWin32fh to take care of some bugs, note also that the package nowadays is a library WINAPI filehandling.

August 26, 2017
Bob Worsley has updated the Check for unused Variables application to have batch functionality, a help file and some bugfixes

August 21, 2017
Bob Worsley has updated the Check for unused Variables application to use an edit window and improved integration with Studio and The Hammer.

April 5, 2016
A quick command line version to generate DataFlex Source for an ActiveX control.

March 9, 2016
Wil van Antwerpen shows you how-to use high DPI icons with codejock.

October 7, 2015
Raphael Theiler has created a great library for displaying charts in Web Applications based on amCharts. Do check out his project AmCharts DataFlex/JavaScript-Wrapper

August 11, 2015
Updated cFileSystem package from Allan Kim Eriksen with latest updates. See the cFileSystem page for details.

July 21, 2015
Updated cFileSystem package from Allan Kim Eriksen with latest updates. See the cFileSystem page for details.

July 11, 2015
Some usability issues have been looked at and some fixes have been applied on where it didn't work well. Progress and details can be followed on the About -> Status page.

July 7, 2015
The site has a completely new webapp engine. The old one ran on webapp 2.1 and could not be updated. To be fair, it was pretty hard to use.
So the database has been moved to a completely new webapp.

Currently the most important feature is that it works the same:-) If there are issues then please report them so that I can fix them. Thanks.

April 8, 2014
Garret Mott shares his Datadictionary Auditing classes as displayed on DISD 2014.
Using the subclass & views in this example order entry workspace you can get complete auditing on tables of your choosing.
Find the project here: Datadictionary Auditing classes

February 11, 2014
An update on the cleanmarkers project from Allan Kim Eriksen. I added the ability to select what you want to clean up as well as a few small improvements like keeping tab characters and the ability to clean out hardcoded fonts.
Find the project here: CleanMarkers

January 29, 2014
Forgot I had this on the site for years and never published it. How-to better handle database disconnections for webapp. Might need to be updated for current VDF versions, but the basics still hold. Mertech only. cSQLWebAppError

November 21, 2013
COM Manifest manager Pro released!
New in the Pro version: a completely new UI, a wizard to create new projects and an "over the internet update feature".
Featured are: Digitally sign your application, compress program files, embed manifest in program file, create manifest fragments, register/unregister COM components and a new fancy about box that promotes Visual DataFlex.

March 13, 2013
Bernhard Ponemayr has send us the windows API based replacement command for Runprogram that was previously only available via the DAW Forums. This is a really powerful command that we have used many times, see the StartProg page for details.

January 25, 2013
COM Manifest manager is released!

January 18, 2013
The beta for COM Manifest manager has been released!

January 13, 2013
Nils has been working on a very exciting COM Manifest manager which allows you to very easily implement Microsoft's side by side manifest for ActiveX and COM automation controls. He is currently asking for support to finish up the work he already has done.

December 23, 2012
Sometimes you might want to have more HTTP servers on your windows machine as just one.
IIS7 on Windows 7 by default binds itself to every IP address on your host. Here's a post that lets you limit IIS7 to only.

December 12, 2012
You can now add Outlook email drag and drop functionality to your application. The package and components needed to add this functionality to your application are at the Outlook Drag and Drop page. This includes a simple demo to see how it works.

November 30, 2012
Nils Svedmyr has started an awesome project which makes it much easier to use SideBySide Manifests for your applications. Please read more about it and support the project at the ManifestSideBySide page.

October 15, 2012
RegCheck2 has been released! You can find the download at the RegCheck2 page.

October 4, 2012
Bob Worsley updated his wonderful dbImport utility to compile under VDF16 and VDF 17. Checkout his dbImport project page.

September 23, 2012
Things are moving, Nils now released the Release Candidate of the RegCheck2 utility. You can find the download at the RegCheck2 page.

September 17, 2012
Nils just released Beta 2 of the RegCheck2 utility. You can find the download at the RegCheck2 page.

September 7, 2012
Beta 1 of RegCheck2 has been released! You can find the download at the RegCheck2 page.
July 24, 2012
Nils Svedmyr has started to work on RegCheck2. Please read more about it and support the project at the RegCheck2 page.

January 23, 2012
Bob Worsley has written an example around the RPC classes donated by Michael Kurz. This gives you an easy to use start on how-to use this technique. Read more at the Remote Procedure Call page.

January 13, 2012
Allan Kim Eriksen has updated the cFileSystem class. Thank you Allan!

December 20, 2011
Another update for Anyflex. It now has a new vdfquery (2.4d) and some minor fixes.This now also includes VPE 4.0 professional DLL which runs under a demo license.

December 13, 2011
Database editor Anyflex has been updated to VDF16.1. This is a database Explorer kind of tool, if you have never used it before then I strongly suggest to check it out.

September 27, 2011
Allan Kim Eriksen created a file format for Beyond Compare 3 so that it is capable of parsing VDF source code files.
This is extremely useful if you are using this wonderful utility. Read more about Beyond Compare 3 VDF File Format.

March 8, 2011
Nils G. Svedmyr has written a Holiday dates Function Library together with a database with all Nations characteritics. The application is designed for Visual DataFlex 16.0 or later. Read more about National Holidays.

Feb 22, 2011
Bob Worsley has written a how-to -with accompanying code- on how you can run your VRW report from within an ajax based webapp. See How to run a VRW report from the Web for details.

Feb 16, 2011
Fixed a few problems in cvBitmapContainer as pointed out by nguyen on the DAW forums. See Transparent bitmapcontainer page.

Feb 15, 2011
Updated the transparent bitmapcontainer to support loading bitmaps as a resource from the executable. See Transparent bitmapcontainer page.

Nov 22, 2010
Mika Vaino created a class for easily editing system settings in a system file. cSysFilecjGrid By using the cSysFileCJGrid class (subclass of cSigCJPropertyGrid) the creation of big system file management views becomes very easy. By defining only the number and the DD of the system file the class reads through the filestructure, creates a label/value pair for every field and adds the correct data binding.

May 10, 2010
A package that helps you with detecting the version information of the windows operating system your application is running under. OS Version Info

March 12, 2010
This article discusses the problem your compiler has with long strings in expressions and global datetime functions and how-to fix that. Datetime compiler problems with long strings

March 11, 2010
A step by step guide on how-to setup Oracle 11gR2 on centOS 5.4 in a VMware virtual machine Yes I wrote it for another web site, but figured a link might help you guys find it when needed.

December 3, 2009
Ali Abu-Feilat has extended the work of the earlier Fusion Charts example and has donated his work back as Another Fusion Charts project. A very interesting extension I might add.

September 29, 2009
It is hard to believe, but last weekend VDF-Guidance was 10 years old.:-)
Thanks all for your support over the years. Couldn't have done it without you.
If you appreciated the site over the years then there's now a paypal button for sponsoring. Thanks again.

September 14, 2009
Allan Kim Eriksen has donated the cFileSystem class. A replacement for the akefs - binary file access - package.

This is a class with methods to access binary files. Features common operations like copy, delete, move, rename, filesize, date, icon, search, create directory, remove directory, list files and much much more.

- The number of files to open are only limited by system resources (so not the 10 open file limit as with the native direct_output/direct_input commands)
- There is no 2GB filesize limit, the filesize limit is 9 exabyte

This class is written for VDF15 and up.
September 7, 2009
You can now get updates to this page by following @vdfguidance on twitter.

August 29, 2009
Bob Worsley updated the Global Replacement project for VDF 15. The application now has a number of improvements to work better with MS SQL tables.

February 20, 2009
The dbImport project has been updated to VDF 14. There's a number of visual imperfections addressed and there are some UI improvements. A new feature is that you can now also reject certains fields being imported.

January 25, 2009
QuizMaster Manager 2009 for Visual DataFlex 14.1 has been released. You can get the update from the download page. New features include an embedded browser with startcenter, new video clips, pdf help, folder select control etc... see the What's New page of the project for details.

November 25, 2008
A number of small updates have been made to QuizMaster Manager 2009 so you can get the update from the download page.

November 22, 2008
Nils Svedmyr has released a completely new version of Quizmaster Manager. QMM 2009!
It is simply amazing to see what he has done with codejock and how-to make it usable and make your Visual DataFlex applications look simply awesome. Don't miss out on this one!

October 26, 2008
Pepe donated an adapted order entry example that uses the Fusion Charts controls.
The good thing about this is that there is nothing to register. There are no Active-X controls but a set of Flash charts. The internet explorer browser class is used to display the charts.

Full credits should go to Benito Fernandez from Norquimia who pointed Fusion Charts to me and drafted the first version.

October 21, 2008
The FlashWindows package allows you to indicate that a process/application needs the end-users attention by flashing the window in the taskbar.

October 14, 2008
The Winprint to VPE package has been added under subversion control:

September 9, 2008
Added subversion documentation and posted the URL to a new Hammer version that works with ALL dataflex versions released to date.

September 2, 2008
The Winprint II classes are great, but sometimes you want to extend them a little on customer request.
In this class down here Bob Worsley shows us how you can easily extend a Winprint II report to not only be able to print preview and print, but also export to CSV.
CSV Export from Winprint II

August 27, 2008
Allan Kim spoils us again. This time it is a Visual DataFlex Studio addon that takes the current workspace and creates a new entry for you in a Subversion source code control repository. Most of this happens automatically and gives you a good base to put your Visual DataFlex project under source code control.
The tool can be found at the Add To Repository page.

June 11, 2008
Allan Kim Eriksen has a new tool for us, it is based DAWs cleanmarker view, but it allows you to automate more coding preferences as is currently possible in the studio. The tool can be found at the Cleanmarkers page.
June 6, 2008
Nils Svedmyr released an update to his marvellous Quiz Master Manager Project at EDUC 2008.
So go and get yourself the new VDF2008 release for QMM2008 from the download page.

April 14, 2008
Our public Subversion (Version Control Software) server has been taken into production last weekend. See for example Bob's project below. All current projects will be added to the server over time.

April 14, 2008
Bob Worsley has updated his Check for unused Variables application.

April 1, 2008
This may seem as an April fool's joke as it has been quite long in the pipeline, but today we proudly present the Crossmerge Open Source Project. This is the complete project donated to all of us by Nils Svedmyr, RDC Tools international.

March 14, 2008
A small bug was addressed in CodeSpy Project. See resolved issues on the page.

March 11, 2008
Bob Worsley has created a little nifty tool which allows you to Check for unused Variables An application you can use to report on declared local variables that end up being unused in your application.

March 10, 2008
Nils has updated the CodeSpy Project to be able to select the style using a comboform. Added a nice icon and cleansed the source.
And it was updated again...

February 25, 2008
Marco Kuipers has updated the CodeSpy Project to compile in VDF12.1 Codespy can be used to generate documentation from your sources. A project with similarites to javadoc.

February 9, 2008
The Binary File Access package is updated to be able to access files in shared mode.

The database restructuring toolkit dbUpdateUtil is changed so that it is now a normal workspace for VDF12.1. Changes are code cleanup, a workaround for a vdf bug where setting the length of a textfield caused problems on the embedded database when also setting the field_precision.

Database editor Anyflex is also updated to VDF12.1 and has updated the dependencies such as the Global Replacement Utility and vwin32fh packages as a library. Because of this the packages can now be compiled without having to download the dependencies.

January 15, 2008
The Regcheck package is updated to take Windows 2003 / R2 / Vista and Windows 2008 into account. This is the first version supporting this and was in test since Sept. 2007. Special SMB2 support has not yet been taken into consideration. Massive code cleanup.
December 28, 2007
Big and exciting changes for the vdf-guidance site have been planned. The site will change from cathedral style to bazaar, click here for the details.
Hope you all had a very nice christmas and will have a fantastic end of the year! Wishing the best for 2008!

November 4, 2007
The dbImport contribution is updated to be compatible with Visual DataFlex 12.x
If you use the data export utility in DAWs dbExplorer then you should really get this as it will save you an enormous amount of time.
More details can be found here:
dbImport Project Page

November 2, 2007
QuizMaster Manager
A new open source project called QuizMaster Manager is donated by Nils Svedmyr to the community. The fully functional application for managing Quizes is an excellent showcase of using many of the new techniques in Visual DataFlex 12.1 making extensive use of the new commandBar and skinning controls from Codejock.
QuizMaster Manager Project

March 19, 2007
Global Data Replacement
This version of Global has been designed for VDF 12 and later. All of the Studio tags have been removed and the workspace code changed specifically for 12. Parts of the code have been rewritten to take advantage of newer technologies, such as using the array datatype for multidimentional arrays, the workspace selector, cRegistry class and html help.
Global Data Replacement Application

March 13, 2007
The filehandling package vWin32fh has been updated with a few fixes and new functionality.

Get it here

March 1, 2007
Changes / features of the new update to AnyFlex.

  • The opening of database files has been redesigned. It is now possible to open files with the drivername prefix included in the filelist..
  • New is the possibility to open a file by just specifying the LOGICAL name in the Filename form (if there is a filelist active). Or you can just specify the FILENUMBER from the filelist (ie. typing 12 in the filename form would open file number 12 from the filelist). That really speeds up opening files.
  • Toggle the current filter set on and off without deleting it with ALT + F.
  • Open a new instance of AnyFlex with the current file opened and the current record found and selected with CTRL + N.
  • Free text seach is put under the F3 key. The first time you hit F3 it brings up the search dialog. The next time you hit F3 it searches for the next record.
  • The ability to modify the current filelist entries.
  • The deploy version now includes all the required external files that are needed for compiling it, so that it is easier to build the application yourself.
AnyFlex details

September 29
Winsock ActiveX
A little demonstration of how-to use the activex interface of the Microsoft TCP-IP control from within VDF.
TCP-IP winsock activeX

September 28
FTP Class
A new ftp class to replace cFTPTransfer to address some intermittent problems using ftp functionality.
ftp-class project page

June 18 2006
Active Toolbar
The active toolbar package has been updated with extra properties to disable the active state for the save and delete button. This can be handy in cases that you need to take care of this manually.
Cleanup of obsolete code.
March 20, 2006
The filehandling package vWin32fh has been updated for Vista with several new CSIDL types.

Get it here

Feb 15, 2006

A windows tool to create .DFF (.DEF files without 'Date', 'Time' and 'Records Used' info) which greatly ease the use of "Beyond Compare" or other similar utility.
You may also easily manage .DEF and .FD files for your VDF and Console mode 3.x + applications, as well as reindex by Filelist (NOT WorkSpace)..
PDMaker page

Dec 22, 2005

Anyflex has gotten a new workspace selector and changed column modification behavior.
The project page is also updated with details on how you can make a deep link to Anyflex from the current record of a DEO.
Anyflex Project Page

Nov 27, 2005

CR XI runtime installer
This article describes how you can create a Crystal Reports XI runtime installer for your Visual DataFlex applications. It uses the recommended technique for merge modules.
Read more

Oct 19, 2005

Def generator
DefGenerator can create .def and .fd files automatically. It also strips time/date and record count from .def files, so the files can be compared between the development and deployment environment.
Def generator Project Page

Oct 1, 2005

Another upgrade of Anyflex in order to make Anyflex VDF11 compatible and to add support for non-recnum tables.
Be aware that you will at least need VDF11.0 to compile this new version.
Anyflex Project Page

June 29, 2005
A new example view has been added that shows the use of autocomplete for directory browsing..
Autocomplete package

A new version has been uploaded with the following new features:
  • Show only selected fields/columns
  • Added shell extention for windows "New..." submenu. Create a new .dat file directly from the explorer context "new..." menu
  • Import of textfiles now gives the ability to automatically add missing fields in the database file, so the data can be imported.
  • Delete records that are the result of the currently active filters.
  • Shifting columns left and right with CTRL+TAB and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
Anyflex Project Page

April 7, 2005
Binary File Access update
Binary File Access (a.k.a. akefs) allows you to perform a number of file-operations via the winapi.
This update fixes a memory leak for the class cDirectory. The problem was that the object did not destroy itself every time you called SearchSingleDirectory from the last search.

More functions have been added to the package :)
Akefs read more

March 9, 2005
A new version has been uploaded with some new features. Included are updated docs and an updated sample view.
  • Added the ability for the list to be manually filled.
  • Updated Sample view for Order Entry workspace included
  • Updated Documentation included
Version numbers were added to the top of each package file. The version number is for that package file only and may not be in sync with other package files included. This was by intent.
Autocomplete package

February 14, 2005
Messaging between VDF Applications
This was shown at DISD 2005. Included are the necessary packages and instructions for their use.
read more

February 03, 2005
Rearrange Grid Columns
A complete solution for you to enable a dbGrid control to have its columns rearranged by the enduser at runtime.
Not only is this a very cool solution for this particular problem, it also helps in making our application look and feel more like any other Windows application while still using the normal dbGrid control as is delivered in the box.
Rearrange Grid Column Control

January 11, 2005
Crystal Reports RDC component
Business Objects will no longer support the use of API within their product. This has forced the need to use the RDC component supplied by Business Objects to stay up with the changes. These packages should be considered BETA and need feedback and testing from a variety of developers.
"Crystal Reports ActiveX which replaces the API" Project

December 26, 2004
The cWindowsEx project has released beta4 which mainly contains bugfixes
The cWindowsEx Project

November 23, 2004
The autocomplete package has been updated with a new procedure "Set OnlyOnNewRecord" to disable autocomplete if there is an active record in the buffer. Fixed a bug in the DBGrid class where the up and down arrows did not work
Cleaned up some unused code
Autocomplete package

November 17, 2004

Regsvr32 replacement
Updated to correct a small typo.
Regsvr32 replacement

November 5, 2004

Regsvr32 replacement
This package can replace the use of the REGSVR32 executable for you.
ActiveX components require to be registered with the system before you can use them. With the help of this package you can completely handle this within your own application. This means that you do not longer only have to rely on your setup script or the flashing dos box method.
Regsvr32 replacement

Binary File Access
The Binary file access package has been updated with improved error handling and recursive functions for working with directories.
Binary File Access Page

October 27, 2004
Sorry for the delay folks, work has been very hectic and it was quite impossible for me personally to combine normal work with open source over the past few months. We hope to do better soon and apologize for the inconvenience.
Luckily our contributors remained active in the meantime.

The AnyFlex project is updated. Anyflex has a new function Ctrl + U - Fill current column. This will fill the current column with a value that you specify. It will take the current filterset into account while filling the column.
Anyflex Project Page

Date Mixin for (db)form controls
This mixin class adds functionality to your date controls. It makes it possible for the user to insert a day and month and have the current year added automatically. 2-digits years will be converted to a 4 digit year. If no date is entered, the current date will automatically be inserted. There are also a number of handy shortcut keys defined.
Date mixin for (db)form contro
June 27, 2004
Numerous updates to the global data replacement tool, notably two processing bugs fixed, source code cleaned up and improved, Help fixed so it works for all workspaces, and the last workspace used will be remembered the next time you restart Global. Details are in the history header of Global.src.

Global Data Replacement page

June 26, 2004
dbImport is a wizardstyle tool to import data from various formats such as csv, XML and fixed field length.
The program is capable of either directly importing the data into the database or by generating source that is capable of doing the import. The tool is Business Process based so that the data has to follow your businessrules.
Some of the import-formats are compatible with what dbExport generates, see the project page and documentation for more details.

dbImport project page

June 6, 2004
The autocomplete package has been updated to make better use of a scroll-mouse.

Scrolling only occurs if a scrollbar is present. By default the autocomplete dropdownlist is limited to 10 records. You can increase/decrease the number of Maximum finds. No more than 10 are visible on screen, however if you allow more than 10, then a scrollbar will be present.

The autocomplete package

June 05, 2004
cWindowsEx Beta 3 released (VDF9 workspace). General changes are:
  • Improved tooltip support and added a Mixin class, this mixin makes it possible to use tooltips with any standard VDF control.
  • Improved cWinButton class, Now this class can be used standalone.
  • Few minor bugs fixed
  • Created VDF subclass layer with mixed ToolTip mixin class
  • Sample application updated.
The cWindowsEx Framework Home page

May 18, 2004
The autocomplete package has been updated to resolve a few problems.

May 5, 2004
cWindowsEx Framework Beta released.
The cWindowsEx framework is a very extensive framework which tries to give you a DataFlex framework for many windows API controls and functions that were previously unavailable to the VDF developer.
cWindowsEx Framework Home page

April 30, 2004
Queensday in The Netherlands, but also a GOOD day for vdf-guidance because of an exciting new contribution called autocomplete written by David Martinko.

Speed user entry. See results matching what you type. Choose an entry from the list to complete your entry, or use it to make that the active record.

No DLL's, no ActiveX controls, written completely with native dataflex code. A sample view is included for the Order Entry Sample Workspace so you can start testing it right away and have a sample on how to use it. Another great feature is that the same code has worked from vdf7 thru vdf9.1 without ANY code changes. This makes an excellent portable control. Vdf6 required some minor changes to get it working (which will probably work in vdf5 also) however I have no plans on continuing support for the Vdf6.
Autocomplete by David Martinko

April 20, 2004
The ActiveToolbar code that displays an interactive toolbar which can be used for within your VDF applications has been updated by Peter van Mil to also work on VDF9.x
More on the Active Toolbar

Fixed a typo which made AnyFlex incompilable

April 19, 2004
Anyflex - the open source dataflex database file editor - has been updated with a new engine and now uses dynamic datadictionaries and a dynamic dbgrid. This makes it possible to use filters by using the normal constraints option in DataDictionaries.
The Anyflex page

March 19, 2004
Spell Check control as shown at DISD 2004

At the recent DISD conference Tony Mackay of Anasazi Software demonstrated a spell checker for Visual DataFlex applications.
read more

February 27, 2004

A how-to for correcting problems with regional settings has been added. This paper addresses problems with the decimal separator on the numerical keypad.
Read more

January 5, 2004

First of all everyone the best wishes for the new year and i hope that you all had long and enjoyable holidays.
Thanks for the trust in vdf-guidance - the open-source platform for DataFlex,
We wouldn't have been here without you!
It looks like that the new year will give us many more goodies, more about that soon...

dbUpdateUtil has been updated to a new version. This tool can help you with updating the database structure of deployed applications in an easy way. dbUpdateUtil uses the DataFlex Database API to perform its task.
Read more
Index Autocolor forms has had a little update. There's more documentation to read and on the bottom of the page there is a link to a multimedia presentation that you might want to check out. Read more
Please note that the package itself hasn't changed.

October 14, 2003

Here are the first few contributions from the people that presented at the "Meet Me in St. Louis" DataFlex conference in erm... St Louis, U.S.A.

The first contribution shows you some tricks on how-to implement a view with autoscroll capabilities for if your forms don't fit in the visible area. Other examples in this VDF8.3 (and up) demo-application include controlling tabpages and passing variables by reference.
Read more

The following contribution is a little class that allows you to execute any of the many available windows controlpanel applets. You can now invoke those applets straight from within your application and open them on the page of your liking.
Read more

August 8, 2003

AnyFlex has been updated and now includes 2 new functions.
Added is ad hoc reporting based on VdfQuery 2.0b (original author Sture Anderson)
A utility to replace data in your database based on the Global Data Replacement Utility (original author Bob Worsley)
Read more

August 1, 2003

A new package called ReportLock to check your current locks is added.
This package can be used to track down those dreaded deadlocks one sometimes bumps into.
So don't waste your time and add this package to your toolbox, now!
Read more

July 20, 2003

The paper for writing you own callback routines has been updated.
Read more

July 17, 2003

Two new how-to's have been added.
Firstly one document which explains to you how you can implement your own callback techniques.
Read more

The next document explains more to you about how the IDE code markers work. Understanding how these markers work is very important if you work with an external editor outside of the IDE or if you write your own code-generating wizards.
Read more

June 18, 2003

Open eLectos version 0.0.73 is available. Just a few days after releasing The Hammer, here is some more goodies!
Be aware that this is a preview release, it shows you some but certainly not all features.
There will be more updates soon, hopefully with all i have in mind.
Read more

June 16, 2003

The Hammer version 2.0 has been released! This new version is too cool to be true. The Hammer 2.0 contains many new features to make the life of a DataFlex developer easier.
Make sure to check it out!
Read more

The database aware reportview (dbreportView) is updated to work with VDF 8 SP3 and up
Read more

June 9, 2003

RegCheck has been updated to better serve your needs. Check out the list of changes at the bottom of the RegCheck page to see the details.
Read more

May 21, 2003

AnyFlex is a dbExplorer kind of tool. AnyFlex allows you to open a database file without the need of having to setup a workspace first.
With AnyFlex you even have the possibility to open a databasefile directly from within a zip-file.
It supports both native DataFlex files as well as working with all driverbased files.

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A package for supporting Binary file access under all windows flavours has been added. This package uses the Win-API to access binary files.

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May 5, 2003

Even if you're careful to implement the correct registry settings when deploying a VDF application with the DataFlex DBMS, some weirdo e.g. a system administrator or other installed application may apply changes at any time that potentially will be very dangerous to your application's database.
RegCheck.pkg will prevent trouble simply by detecting the client software and checking the machine registry settings. After this it will perform any changes such as the ones required for oplocks if necessary. It should be noted though that Regcheck will by default ask for a user confirmation first if it is eligible to make these changes.
Many developers have already worked on Regcheck and imho, it is getting close to perfect.
Please consider this to be a reasonable beta version and look at it critically. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this awesome tool then please ask them in the newsgroup at:

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April 30, 2003

A new version of dbUpdateUtil is now available. The new version is build for VDF8 support, and has basic functionality included for working with other database-drivers such as Pervasive. But this additional database support is not operational yet!
This version has been released to support VDF8.

In the zipfile, you will find both version 2.0 and version 3.0.

Version 2.0 - for VDF5, VDF6 and VDF7
Version 3.0 - for VDF8

Open eLectos has been delayed until after the weekend. Sorry :-(

April 28, 2003

Tuesday-morning? Writing documentation is taking more time as expected. Releasing without a minimum of documentation does not make sense.

April 24, 2003

I'm sorry to say that the release of the Open eLectos preview has been delayed by a few days.
The reason for this is not related to the project itself.
The expected release date is now monday morning, Sydney time.

April 3, 2003

Below are links to the presentations which i've held at the corroboree 2003 down under.
For anyone who was not there, you've missed the best conference ever!
And i'm not saying this because of my presentations, but just because of the total event. A big thanks to the organization
Make sure not to miss out and be there next year.
The Future of VDF-GUIdance
Open eLectos Preview
The Hammer 2.0 Preview