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by Allan Greis Eriksen


This is based on a view that Marcia Booth from DAW made back in 2005 for cleaning the //AB metadata markers from your sources. It now has additional features such as:
- right trim lines
- remove more studio markers
- traverse recursively thru files
Size: 297 KB Download
Date Created: 11/06/2008
Date Updated: 11/02/2014
Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Company: NordTeam Gruppen ApS

This project is based on a view that Marcia Booth from DAW made back in 2005.
It removes the AB markers and I have added some additional features to the view, and made a workspace (vdf 14).

This will also:
  • Right trim lines.
  • Remove more studio markers.
  • Correct an error that added an extra empty line at the bottom of the edited source file.
  • All ending blank lines are not written back to the source file.
  • Added a business process that makes it possible to change all files for a complete workspace. It will traverse recursively through all directories in the workspace.
  • Removes any local statements
  • Remove hardcoded fonts



Cleanmarkers.zip 2014 feb 11 ~ 297Kb

Cleanmarkers.zip ~ 120Kb


2014 February 11

  • Update to handle other options like rtrim the lines, make choices on what to clean optional.
  • Updated to remove hardcoded fonts.
  • Changed to use binary read to preserve tab characters
  • Change the write .BAK file options into write as .cmbak (clean markers BAK) as not to overwrite original .bak files.
  • Added .sws files for VDF17.0, VDF17.1 and VDF18.0
  • Changed description of workspace into: Cleanup your VDF Source Code


The project is under source control at:


EXAMPLE: Remove AB Markers from your code