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by Peter Tawse


A windows tool to create .DFF (.DEF files without 'Date', 'Time' and 'Records Used' info) which greatly ease the use of "Beyond Compare" or other similar utility. Written in Vdf11.x compatable code.
You may also easily manage .DEF and .FD files for your VDF and Console mode 3.x + applications, as well as reindex by Filelist (NOT WorkSpace)..
See the Readme-1st file for Installation and other details.
Size: 617 KB Download
Date Created: 08/02/2006
Date Updated: 13/02/2006
Author: Peter Tawse


Since I regularly use Beyond Compare to determine changes in Datafile structures, and got tired of seeing ALL .DEF files displayed within that program as different,
when Anders released his DefGenerator package I decided to make myself a utility
that would create .DFF files (actually .DEF files, but without the "Date", "Time"
and "Records Used" info), as well as creating standard .FD files if I wanted it to
do so. The .DFF extension was used as the one I wanted (.DIF) is used within
some Version Control Systems, according to Wil van Antwerpen (Thanks for the advice, Wil)

In the course of development I decided to also add the ability to create standard
.DEF files - because I could create them fast and easily without having to click
on the "Ok" button of DbBuilder every time it 'hit' a missing datafile.

Then I saw that I could also add the ability to re-index the files within any
selected FileList.Cfg file. All in all, I thought it could be useful to other,
so have released it into the Public Domain.

I have successfully run it on not only VDF filelists, but also Character-Mode Version
3.x filelists. It does NOT appear to work when using a DF2.3x filelist.


Installation notes

This utility was created and compiled using the release version of Vdf11.1

How to install:
1. Create a Directory named "Maker"
2. Unzip the Maker.Zip file into the above Directory - it uses a 'Flat'
workspace structure.
3. Register the Maker.Ws file.
4. Re-compile - if you wish.
5. Add a ShortCut to your Desktop to easily run this program in future.

Remember - since Sture's Anderson's VdfSort.Vw (and VdfQuery23 resources)
are needed to be able to compile this utility, you need to have the VdfQuery23
code defined within your "System Paths used in MakePath by the Compiler" area
in the "WorkSpaces" Tab of the Vdf11.x "Configure Environment" option of the IDE.

Also Note: There is one minor bug somewhere within the Directory selection code
area that I haven't yet tracked down, which means that you can only execute ONE
action per FileList selection - which is why I currently enforce this behaviour.
Not a real problem, but one I will track down when I get the time.

Notes re use of "ROOT" versus "LOGICAL" filenaming for .FD files (Only !)

Since some developers use a shortened 'File-Root-Name' (ROOT-NAME) for the
'Dataflex-File-Name' (LOGICAL-NAME), and others echo the ROOT-NAME to the
LOGICAL-NAME without any changes, this utility has been written to handle
both scenarios. Why they do this is beyond me, but we do have one Company
here in OZ that does this - which is a real pest (I mean the code-style,
not the Company <vbg>)!

Contributed to the Public Domain by:

Peter Tawse
Microbase Software
Melbourne, Australia
See inside contribution readme for contact details if required

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Using a modified DefGenerator.Pkg file - called DffGen.Pkg

Other Contributors were:
Anders Ohrt - DefGenerator and DefGenerator_Helpers - included.
Sture Anderson - Vdfquery23 system required to compile - not included.
It can be obtained from DAW's FTP site.
Wil van Antwerpen - Assisted with suggestions and debugging.

Thanks, Guys


PdMaker.zip ~ 617kB