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Open Source Projects

VDF-GUIdance is extending its limits to also form a basic platform for open source development from within (Visual) DataFlex and WebApp.
For the community this means that we will be providing several products that have been developed by multiple developers and will be made public down here. Ofcourse all these projects will have the sourcecode available for the latest stable build.
In the past we already supported products of a similar character, think for instance about VDFQuery.
A good example of a tool that would have been there without our help:-)

So in order to make it easier for teaming up development on these projects we provide extra services - free of charge - to developers that are effectively working on open source projects.

One of those is a subversion server.
Many of the projects already have their source checked in on there.
If a project has a subversion tree then it will be listed on the page of the project.

Another one is our projects server ( )