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Beyond Compare 3 VDF File Format

by Allan Greis Eriksen


This is a file that you can import to Beyond Compare 3 so it knows about the VDF File Format.
Size: 4 KB Download
Date Created: 27/09/2011
Date Updated: 27/09/2011
Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Company: NOVAX A/S

With this file you can import the file formats for VDF in Beyond Compare 3 (BC3). This make it possible to highlight the VDF syntax i BC3.

Color syntax highlighting really helps spotting code differences. And copying code from BC to the studio does not alter international characters.

This is a summary of the file format settings.
- Fileextentions: *.src;*.vw;*.sl;*.dg;*.rv;*.bp;*.pkg;*.wo;*.dd;*.inc
- Default DOS/OEM format.
- All VDF keywords
- ActiveX Resource Block
- Comments
- Image Block
- Meta Data Block
- String, Number and Operator.
- 4 spaces tab stop.

This should be for all VDF versions up to 16.1

Here is an example of how a compare of two different VDF files looks like with VDF File Formats.

Download file

BCFileFormats Visual DataFlex.zip BC3 format ~ 4Kb

After downloading, use Tools -> Import to import the new file format.