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This page is a collection of the available resources for DataFlex development.
It contains links to other websites and has a list of recommended books and magazines that contain information that may be of use for a DataFlex developer.
The selection is based on contents, _not_ products.
Please drop us a note, if you know of a valuable resource that is not listed in here, or in the case that you find a dead link.

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Windows OS Related
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DataFlex related Websites

Data Access Worldwide The official website of Data Access Corporation. They are the developers of DataFlex, Visual DataFlex and WebApp Server.

DAW knowledgebase An excellent resource to consult if you encounter problems within the DataFlex language.

Mertech Data Developers of ORAFlex and SQLFlex. Direct Drivers for client server solutions with DataFlex using SQL servers, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL, PostgresSQL and MySQL. Check out their support menu for useful tips when you use these drivers.

Starzen Starzen is a well known third party developer that offers many add-on tools such as pluspak! and publishes the Visual DataFlex Developers Journal. Besides this they also host a FAQ database on their website and a message board for their products.

DataFlex wiki A wiki for DataFlex Developers, this is the place to describe your findings with DataFlex and how you solved a typical DataFlex problem. After signing up you are allowed to make changes anywhere in the site. They use Mediawiki engine, so if you are familiar with wikipedia, you can already use it now. Go check it out! For the record, this site used to be called

Frank Cheng Frank Cheng is a well versed DataFlex Developer who knows a lot about the inner workings of DataFlex and the Windows API.

Erik Svennson Erik shares a number of classes that he worked on over time. These solution are very high quality.

Developerflex Brazilian site with controls for DataFlex developers.

Codejock framework by VdfSig (web.archive link as original site went offline, project is ongoing though, but continues at the DAW forum, start with this "Where to download" post, username/password in color.

Developer blog from Michael Salzlechner

WASP Search engine that allows you to search in the history of the old News (nntp) based user groups.
Sture's public applications VDF XRay etc..

FlexTools Australian distributor of FlexODBC.

Unicorn Interglobal White Papers (also check out their example applications area)

vdfstructureviewer view database structure models

DataFlex discord server

DataFlex development FrontIoT ApS Scandinavia LinkedIn page about DataFlex

Johan Broddfelt blog

The DataFlex Subreddit

DataFlex Related Newsgroups

DataFlex related Books

Title: Mastering Visual DataFlex
Authors: Michael Salzlechner, Stuart Booth and David Lisle, Publisher: Starzen Press.
Covers Visual DataFlex and windows programming. Topics: Object Oriented Programming, Deploying, Mouse, Drag and drop, Reports, external controls, Multimedia, bitmaps and cursors, writing a wizard, the DataFlex Database API, Resizing and locating, Floating menus and window styles and messages.

Title: Discovering DataFlex 2016
Author: Vincent Oorsprong, Publisher: Data Access Worldwide.
Basic programming in DataFlex 2016, Topics include: using the Studio, the datadictionary, deployment and the other tools in the product. They also walk you through some examples.

DataFlex Usergroups

Links to websites of current DataFlex Usergroups are:

DataFlex Developers User Group Mutual Support for Better DataFlex Applications
Australian & New Zealand Developers in all kinds of DataFlex

EDUC European DataFlex User Group Conference

DISD The Dataflex International Software Developers Conference is usually held in Carson City, Nevada, USA

SCANDUC Scandinavian DataFlex User Conference

Link to presentation of previous conferences: Presentation Library

Windows OS related resources

Microsoft TechNet Your online resource for all the technical questions you may have about one of the windows Operating Systems or one of MS's products such as SQL Server.
This is also the place to be for your security updates

Microsoft Software Developer Network (MSDN) Your online resource on development questions for the windows operating system. This site contains complete API descriptions and development examples and descriptions for most of MS their products. Examples of these are Visual Studio and IIS

Windows API guide A site about programming the windows API for Visual Basic

Using DLL's with DataFlex This document extends existing DataFlex documentation and provides basic information and suggestions on DLLs. The discussion is from the point of view of an experienced C/C++ and DataFlex programmer. DLL issues, however, cover a broad and advanced range, so this discussion is far from exhaustive

Programmer's Heaven This site has source code in many languages such as C/C++, VB, Delphi, Assembler, Java, Pascal and much more.

Sysinternals The SysInternals Web site provides you advanced utilities, technical information and source code related to Windows 9x and Windows NT/2K internals.

Dependancy walker The original dependency walker that is also supplied with the MS Visual Studio suite. You can use this tool to find missing or incorrect DLLs when having deployment troubles. has info about undocumented aspects of the windows operating system taken from a system developers point of view. The website as some very interesting articles and utilities to check out.

Windows OS Books

Title: Programming Windows
Author: Charles Petzold, Publisher: Microsoft Press.
Covers many topics in the windows environments. Topics include: the basics, dialog boxes, unicode, graphics, kernel, printer, dlls, multitasking, multithreading, MDI and programming the inter/intranet. Knowing a bit of C/C++ makes it much easier to read.


Oracle Magazine You can get a free subscription to the oracle magazine by subscribing at the link above.

Oracle Technology Network A huge library for the Oracle products. The place to be for downloads, training and support. (download Oracle 9i from here if you want to test it)


Internet Related

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Dedicated to preserving the central coordinating functions of the global Internet for the public good.
IANA - assigned portnumbers List with all assigned portnumbers

The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential.

Anybrowser.Org Website with valuable tips on how-to make your website viewable from within any browser

Qualys SSL Labs Test your SSL certificates

Qualys Browser Check Test the plugins in your browser

mxToolbox blacklist page

Senderbase Lookup check email server

intoDNS Check DNS server setup

The top 10 mistakes in webpage design for 2002 See if you recognize these design mistakes...

DataFlex 18 webapp videos at 28it