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CodeSpy 1.0

by Michael Kurz


Codespy parses your source code for class definitions and their properties, procedures and functions and creates HTML documentation from it. It should compile with VDF12.1. There is also an old version for VDF5, 6 and 7.
Size: 200 KB Download
Date Created: 22/10/2001
Date Updated: 14/03/2008
Author: Michael Kurz

CodeSpy scans files for class definitions, properties, functions, procedures, the baseclass and imported classdefinitions.

As description it adds the sourcecode comments. So if you have a well documented src the HTML document can be quite nice, too. :-)


  • The created HTML is formatted based on stylesheets, so you can easily change the appearance of the documentation.
  • All scanned classes are stored in a classlist file, so it's able to create cross-links, for example to the BaseClass.
  • You can add the classes to groups.
  • It's able to scan for dependencies. (Files which are included in scanned files are also parsed)
  • It is supported to use html in your comments

Known issues

  • If you close a function with an end_procedure , then this is not catched and you will likely end up with missing methods in your generated documentation. This is easy to explain as the code will look for the first end_function it encounters. Any method before that isn't included.
To illustrate:
    Function HeaderIcon Returns Integer 
        Integer iIconNumber
        Get ComIcon to iIconNumber 
        Function_Return iIconNumber
    End_Procedure // HeaderIcon  

  • You must precede the method/property/class that you want to document with a single line of comment. Without that it doesn't get generated.
For example:
    // This one is processed and added to the documentation
    Function Working Returns Integer 

    // Not Added to the doc as there is a white line between comment and method

    Function NotProcessed Returns Integer 

Resolved issues

  • The stylesheet combobox needs the application to restart to see the new stylesheets appear in the list.
  • Not all source was parsed, there was an artificial limit of 1000 lines, this is now set to 10000.


2008.03.14 Not all source was parsed, there was an artificial limit of 1000 lines, this is now set to 10000.

2008.03.10 Nils Svedmyr fixed the stylesheet combo issue and added a number of shortcut keys.

2008.03.06 Nils Svedmyr added a nice application icon and a drop down selection box for your stylesheets, so you can add stylesheets yourself. They will show up the next time you start CodeSpy. Code cleanup

2008.02.25 Marco Kuipers made the application VDF12+ compatible




2015-11-05 CodeSpy-20151105.zip 5.8 MB
2008-03-14 CodeSpy-12_1-20080314.zip ~ 158kB
2008-03-10 CodeSpy-12_1-20080310.zip ~ 162kB
2008-03-10 CodeSpy-12_1-20080306.zip ~ 154kB
2008-02-25 CodeSpy-12_1-20080225.zip ~ 502kB
2001-10-22 Codespy10_3.zip ~ 51kB