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Quizmaster Manager

Welcome to Quizmaster Manager

What is it?

QuizMaster Manager is an Open Source project - and as such you can use any part of it in your own projects. The project also contains lots of icons and skins to demonstrate the CodeJock classes. While the program is fully functional for creating 'Quiz Shows' with close to 900 questions, it is merely used as a workbench to test new and old software tricks.

Suggestions, comments and improvents are much appreciated! The e-mail address can be found on the program's About panel.
This is the free program.
There are no limitations, no time-outs, no nags,
no adware, no banner ads and no spyware. It
is 100% free.


If you like what Nils did and to show him your gratitude for his kindness to the community then please consider sending him a donation. You can contact him privately if Paypal isn't your thing.