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Crystal Reports ActiveX which replaces the API

by David Martinko


Business Objects will no longer support the use of API within their product. This has forced the need to use the RDC component supplied by Business Objects to stay up with the changes. These packages should be considered BETA and need feedback and testing from a variety of developers.

At the top of the pkg file is file the version information.
Current version is 1.1
Size: 2 KB Download
Date Created: 11/01/2005
Date Updated: 15/02/2005
Author: David Martinko



VDF 10.1
Crystal Reports 10


These packages were created to move from using the API to the ActiveX (RDC) as supplied by Business Objects.

Please consider these pkgs to be BETA until otherwise noted. I am asking all developers to test these packages. Report back to me with all the changes/bugs/comments/help/questions so that we can get this into some live applications as quickly as possible.

I welcome suggestions on whether all functions should be in one package, or whether functions should be broken up into various packages, and how.

Thank you for your support.


cCrystalReportRDC.zip ~ 2637kB