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The Hammer

Below is only info about The Hammer 2, the beta of The Hammer 3 can be found at

A direct download for The Hammer 3 can be found here:

Welcome at the project page for "The Hammer".
The hammer is a Free Open Source programmer's texteditor which is build in VDF and specialized for building applications in DataFlex with a lot of cool stuff!
It is not meant as a replacement for the IDE, but is a very nice tool to have as an addon to your toolset.
The hammer only exists for about a year now and already has gotten a very rich featureset thanks to several generous developers all over the world.

Its features-set includes for example:
  • several autosuggestion-lists such as for fieldnames, methods, objects, classes and DataFlex keys.
  • supports several languages including: C/C++, Basic, Java, Pascal, SQL, Html and Xml oh and ofcourse DataFlex:-P
  • Context sensitive help is now available under the keys <Ctrl>+<F1>
  • a new setup-script is written using the open source installer NSIS from nullsoft, the source of the script for this is included.
  • The ability to make revision entries.
  • An integrated ToDo-list manager.

The Hammer is for the main part written in Visual DataFlex and build up around the CodeMax/CodeSense component.
This is the same component as the one that is used in the IDE.
Please direct all your support questions to our page at the project server that has been setup especially for this use.

This way other people will also benefit from the answer and it will keep our workload a bit more acceptable.
The page for "The Hammer" is located at: