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To Do and known bugs

The list of the most urgent tasks to complete is being kept up to date on this page.
Anyone is welcome to work on one of the designated tasks, but in order to avoid people working on the same parts we do suggest to get informed before implementing.
At the moment you can only get additional information about a specific task by contacting me personally.

If you happen to find an issue which has not been discussed here, then please look here for more details on how-to deal with those.

To Do's

Task Description Assigned To Status
Wizard WebApp wizards to create Open eLectos enabled web applications Wil van Antwerpen internal alfa
Filemanager Adding complete explorerlike functionality into the filemanager for our upload module - started
Docs Documentation is very thin at the moment, but it is being worked on. Wil van Antwerpen WIP
Revision Control Revision control for the content of the site - -
Search Search engine, Sture has promised me to try and work with me to get his Free Text Search implemented in Open eLectos. His search engine is also used in the Wasp Search Engine - -
WYSIWYG What you see is what you get interface a la microsoft word preferably for the wiki engine. Of course it will also make sense to implement this for html elements too. - -
Usergroups Support for multiple usergroups in Open eLectos. Currently there are only 4 fixed usergroups available. - -
User pages Create a template for pages that can be edited by normal authenticated users that do not have administrator rights. - -

Known bugs

Task Description Assigned To Status
page history Page history is not always correct immediately after login. You can see this by logging into the application and immediately trying to edit an element. If you do so then clicking on cancel or save will automatically log you out. Wil Fixed
logout doesn't kill session If logged out, the log out works but the session that identifies the user has not correctly been deleted. Wil Fixed in 0.74
. - -
no disabled sessioncookies If you disable all cookies then you will not get a normal page, but instead get an error message. At first i always thought this was browser specific (NN 4.7) but i now know that this is something with WebApp. It is very likely that this does not happen if you enable process pooling in your webapp. - -
User not found Sometimes the current user info is not found when looking at his profile info. - -
This page was last updated on June 18th 2003