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Welcome at the first public release of Open eLectos build 0.73 for WebApp.

The version number may suggest that it is not a completely finished product now, which is absolutely true.
However.. this does not mean that Open eLectos is not ready to be looked at or used. Sure there are still a few small glitches which need to be fixed, but the core is stable and works just fine.

In fact this same code is also used in a few other commercial applications, this is the open source spin off of those projects.
The open source version is our donation to the community as a start which can be used as a core for your own applications. The project is supposed to improve and grow from your suggestions, ideas and bugreports or bugfixes.

Release model

It has taken a long while for this initial release, but the intention is to release often in the near future.
The time it will take inbetween builds is not exactly clear for the moment, but if the project generates enough fuzz it might be months or maybe even weeks.
For people that want to use Open eLectos on a live system we will try to help them by indicating when to update the live system and when to only update your development environment.
This means that we will indicate which builds are supposed to be stable and which ones are the development builds.