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You can get all the latest updates and builds of Open eLectos from this page.
Currently there are two different versions available, one for support of webapp 2.1 and one for webapp 3.0

Note for webapp 2.1 users only
At the moment it is not expected that we will update the 2.1 version often after its initial release.
But with a simple code comparing tool such as Beyond compare or Araxis Merge you can probably stay current with minimal efforts if you want to keep using webapp 2.1

Last minute Notes

If you install the application under WebApp3 then use folder .\oeLectos3 to install in.
and for virtual folder http://localhost/open-electos3

After you compile under WebApp3 you will get a warning that "Workspace -x" does not exist or does not have a description. Don't worry about it, is no problem your webapp will work.
It is already known where the problem is and how to fix it.
It just didn't make it into this release.

The management console in the docs is referred to as OEMMC.VD?. The docs are wrong that is how the management console will be named in the future, right now the name is: OEMC.VD?