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by Wil van Antwerpen


This class is a subclass of the DateForm and has some extra code in it to speed up data-entry.
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Date Created: 07/04/2000
Date Updated: 07/04/2000
Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Company: Antwise Solutions

Not so long ago Magnus Bergh made a real good suggestion in the newsgroups for speeding up data-entry on datefields.
First of all, fast data-entry is based on keyboard entry, so that is what we must focus on.
One of the things that we do in our programs for faster data-entry is to propose a date to the user.
The problem is that a user has to retype the entire date if the proposed date is not exactly what it should be.
This is especially annoying if the user only wants to change the days in the date.
For example we propose 12-25-2000 and the user wants to change this to 12-31-2000. With this control the user can just tab into the field, enter 31 (the control now shows 31/ / ) and tab out of the field again. The subclass will then change this to 12-31-2000.
Supported dateformats are: European, USA and military dates.
Installation requirements:
- Since this control is based on the DateForm subclass earlier you need to get yourself the DateForm subclass and install this subclass before installing this one. Registering this class into the IDE is similar to what is described in the readme of the DateForm subclass.For your convenience the current version of this subclass is included in the download.