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IDE Insights Part 1 - Component Code Markers

by John van Houten


The IDE's Visual Designer maintains a set of special markers inside the source code of each component file. These markers are parsed whenever a component is opened, and re-generated when the component is written.

This paper presents a description of each special marker...
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Date Created: 15/07/2003
Date Updated: 15/07/2003
Author: John van Houten
Company: Data Access Worldwide

IDE Insights

by John van Houten

The VDF 9.1 IDE has much better support for integrating custom wizard applications for building components. If you are interested in building a wizard or any other code generator, then the following information should be useful.


IDE Insights 1 - Component Code Markers.zip ~ 6kb Word document
IDE Insights 1 - Component Code Markers.pdf ~ 6kb Same document but in PDF format.