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Developer's News (cWindowsEx framework)

26/12-2004 cWindowsEx Beta 4 released (VDF10 workspace).
Please see the download page for the list of changes

05/06-2004 cWindowsEx Beta 3 released (VDF9 workspace). General changes are as follows:
  • Improved tooltip support and added a Mixin class, this mixin makes it possible to add tooltip support for any standard VDF control.
  • Improved cWinButton class, Now this class can be used standalone.
  • Few minor bugs fixed
  • Created VDF subclass layer with mixed ToolTip mixin class
  • Sample application updated.

14/05-2004 cWindowsEx Beta 2 released. General changes as following:
  • Improved tooltip support for the supplied controls
  • Improved cWinButton class to have more Visual Dataflex compatibility
  • Few minor bugs fixed
  • Sample application for Visual Dataflex is fully compatible with VDF7 IDE.

07/05-2004 New Tip added on how to use power System Info dialog supplied with cWindowsEx Framework. See 'Help' section for details.

05/05-2004 cWindowsEx Framework version 0.0.3 released for the public testing. We are highly appreciate your feedbacks, suggestions and contributions.