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Download cWindowsEx Framework Files

Below you will find the complete workspaces for Visual Dataflex 7 and 9 (as required). Note, that all of the contents of the cWindowsEx Framework is included into the ..\PKG directory. So if you create your own workspace for testing the framework then please do not forget to include this folder into the source search path.

The contents of the ..\Pkg folder is exactly the same for both Zip files.

Do not forget to visit the Help -> About in the Sample Application menu to see a very fancy new "About" box.
cWindowsEx Framework for Visual Dataflex 9 (~400K), 05/06-2004
cWindowsEx Framework for Visual Dataflex 7 (~400K), 17/05-2004
(is not updated yet!)
cWindowsEx for Visual Dataflex 7 is fully compatible with IDE.

Note: In the latest Beta 3, the VDF7 workspace is not updated, but you can use the IdeSrc and Pkg files in VDF7 as well.

Beware the latest version IS BETA4 Sorry that it is called beta, it's what everyone uses or should use as it the last published code for the moment. You might however want to take the code from subversion if you are looking for an official library instead of PKG folder. See the link at the end of the page for that.

Beta 4

Download from the link below, this code has been tested with VDF9.x and VDF10.x but should run ok
as far back as VDF7.

cWindowsEx beta4 ~ 400kB published December 26, 2004

List of changes since beta 3

- ToAnsi conversion in the label for support of extended charactersets.
- Redrawcontrol when the label changes

- Moved the function Value from the DateTimeMixin class to the cDateTimePick class
because it destroyed the logic for database binded controls

- Fix for incorrect enabled_state behaviour. If a button was pointer only and
disabled you still could click and make it perform it's action.
- Added shadow_state method to make a button disable itself when the container
where it is in is disabled by itself.
- There was a problem with the visual drawingstyle as the pressed state wasn't drawn
correctly under XP when using a manifest file.
- The button skips some clicks when you click the button continuously.

- Function ByteToHex is now conditionally included to avoid a conflict with VdfQuery
- Function IntToHex has been added

- Commented out DevMode structure

cWinKernEx.pkg, cWinLink.pkg, cWinNetWk.pkg, cWinVolume.pkg
- Added dependent header files

- Cleaned up function vSelect_File and added code to destroy the dynamically
created file-open dialog
- Removed all API declarations from the package itself to improve readability
These declarations are now included from the vWin32fh.h header file.
- Changed the default way in which the standard file handling works
Before today one could always undo the operation, as of now you cannot as
the default was a silly one using unnecessary resources (mainly diskspace)
Since i don't really expect someone to use that feature it has been removed.
One can however restore to the old way of handling by simply calling the
vWin32fhCompatibilityMode procedure ONE time before accessing any of the
filehandling operations
- The functions ParseFolderName, ParseFileName and ParseFileExtenstion added
as well as the StringFromRightOfChar function.
- sfoFormatDisk function added which can use to format a floppydisk
DISABLED now as testing shows that it does not work as advertised...
- The function vDDE_Error_Handler didn't pass the errornumber on to the DDE_Error_To_String
function Moved the hardcoded strings from vDDE_Error_Handler to define declarations
for easier translation later on.
- Added the ToAnsi function to the fileoperations method so that
extended characters are treated ok too.
- Changed vFilePathExists to be a global global function.
Tip this last change may result in a compiler error 4379 Wrong number of arguments in your application if you have used the vFilePathExists function in an expression syntaxis.
In that case you will have to change all occurences of (vFilePathExists(Self,sFile)) into (vFilePathExists(sFile))


The beta4 release has been checked in under: