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September 29, 2009
10 years ago, In 1999 this site was born as a means to share code amongst DataFlex developers.
We can safely say that this was a HUGE success.

Antwise Solutions (a.k.a. Wil) has always paid for all the costs, This includes hardware, software (such as the yearly webapp updates) in order to keep running this site, spending time on writing code myself, help writing code to add, support contributors and hosting the server.

This is a pretty expensive hobby I can promise you, but it has been fun, so not a big deal.

However as an attempt to control the costs a bit better and hopefully speed up DataFlex Open Source commitments, we are now open for sponsoring.

Let me explain this a bit better:

We don't require sponsoring in order to keep running.
Antwise will always cover the costs to keep the site running and I'll always try to do my best for the site.

But if we can cut some costs for running the site, it effectively means more time available to spent for programming and supporting open source.

So your donation will be spent on improving the site and its contents.

Thanks for considering!

If you already have a paypal account, instead of using the paypal button, you can send money to the email address I used for setting that up. Which is contribute@ followed by the domain name of this web site.