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A Simple Training program

by Frank G. Vandervelpen


This is a vdf training course with Powerpoint-presentations and complete source code of a simple program to show several aspects of Visual Dataflex. Topics covered are basic data-entry, static constraints, dynamic constraints, broadcasting, class instantiation, messageboxes, registry read and write, masking, using RGB colors, playing AVI-files, printing with Winprint, printing with Crystal, selecting printers and more... VDF5/VDF6 only
Size: 484 KB Download
Date Created: 20/09/1999
Date Updated: 20/09/1999
Author: Frank G. Vandervelpen
Company: Velpe Development bvba

The code in this workspace (VDF4-VDF6) explains some of the tricks in writing programs using Visual DataFlex. The project contains:

  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Basic data-entry
  • Constraints: static and dynamic
  • Broadcasting
  • Class instantiation
  • Messageboxes
  • Registry read and write,
  • Masking
  • Using RGB colors,
  • Playing AVI-files
  • Printing with Winprint
  • Printing with Crystal
  • Selecting printers and more...

You can download the project Here