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Database aware reportview

by Wil van Antwerpen


This is a mix of the reportview and dbview class --0 a reportview can be used with datadictionary objects. This means that one has all of the advantages of the DDOs like selectionlists, a buttonbar where record navigation still works, datadictionary rules, etcetera. It is supplied with a .dfc file for the registration in the IDE of VDF6 and a .cls for the registration in the IDE of VDF5 and VDF4. There's also a template file for creation of dbreportviews with the IDE and a small example to show how it works.
Size: 10 KB Download
Date Created: 15/12/1997
Date Updated: 14/12/2001
Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Company: Antwise Solutions

The current release of this subclass contains:

  • a template to easily create your own (db)reportviews. To use this copy the file "dbAware blank ReportView.tpr" to the folder ..\vdf6\usr\global\IdeSrc. This file puts a new template under the New Components option in the IDE.
  • a .dfc file, so the IDE knows what a dbreportview is. Copy this file to the same folder and add it to the IDE with the maintain classlists function. (Tools menu ->maintain classlists ->first tabpage (global) -> ADD ->Name: dbreportview ->File: dbreportview, do not enter anything in the Image and Page fields)
  • a package file called dbRptVw.pkg. Copy this file to your global packages folder or to test it copy it to the folder ..\vdf6\examples\order\appsrc
  • an example that shows you what it does and how it works. This example makes use of the Winprint engine and prints the results of what you select to the screen. It would have been just as easy to create a report with Crystal reports, but we decided to use Winprint, because this can be run on any version of VDF, even on an evaluation release.
You can register this example in the order entry workspace. (Copy the file CustSelReport.rv to the folder ..\vdf6\examples\Order\AppSrc and use the Register External components function in the IDE)


dbReportView zip-file ~10 Kb

dbReportView VDF8.3 and higher update zip-file ~3 Kb



Update history

- 16-06-2003, Update because of classname changes in VDF8 SP3 and up.
- 14-12-2001, VDF8 incompatibility solved
- There was a small buglet in the .dfc file that would stop the IDE from compiling it if you didn't include the pakcage file in your own version of the dfallent. This flaw has been solved.
- There is a code-cleanup in the template and we've added a small example to show you how to use this subclass.