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by Vincent Oorsprong


A Group class with an attached checkbox that lets you enable/disable the group and its contents based on the select-state of the checkbox.
Size: 4 KB Download
Date Created: 08/01/2001
Date Updated: 08/01/2001
Author: Vincent Oorsprong
Company: Data Access Europe B.V.

Here's another one from Vincent. ;-)
With this new control you can create a (db)Group object that has the ability to be enabled/disabled with a checkbox.
To give you an idea some bitmaps of a small example are included below.
I dragged a dateform from the control onto the group to illustrate this. This ofcourse is not limited to just one object.
If you are going to use this, don't forget to have a look at the source code and the dfc class-files.
They will show you some really neat techniques for your own classbuilding.
In there you will find an example on how to add a new property to the object properties dialog in the IDE.
In addition to that Vincent shows you the use of .dfo files.
With a dfo file, you can set up object creation preferences that will be written into the object as soon as you drag them of the control pallete.
This can save you lots of manual work.

Installation notes for the order entry workspace:
- Copy the .dfc and .bmp files to the Order\IdeSrc folder.
- Copy the .pkg file to the Order\AppSrc folder
- Open the IDE in the order entry sample workspace
- Select 'Maintain Classlists' from the Tools menu (Make sure no program or component is open at this time, otherwise you cannot select this from the menu)
- Click on the workspace tabpage and press the Add button, enter the necessary information. Note that you have to register 3 classes to get it to work. These are the cCheckGroup class, the cdbCheckGroup class and the cCheckGroupCheckbox class.
Have fun!