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Ping an ipaddress

by Allan Greis Eriksen


Package to ping an ipaddress.
Size: 13 KB Download
Date Created: 02/06/2006
Date Updated: 02/06/2006
Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Company: NordTeam Gruppen ApS

Ping an IP address

by Allan Kim Eriksen

This package can be used to ping a specific ip-address.

Class properties:
psIPAddress - Replying address
piStatus - Reply status
piRoundTripTime - Reply Round trip time, in milliseconds
piTimeToLive - Time to live for the ping, in milliseconds
Use ping

Object oPing is a cPing
  Procedure DoPing
    Get Ping  "whateverip" to iResult
    If (iResult <> ICMP_SUCCESS) begin
        Get EvaluatePingResponse  iResult to sErrorText
        Error DFERR_PROGRAM sErrorText
    Else begin
        Get piStatus to iResonsetime



ping package ~ 13kb