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Installation guidelines

At this stage we do not yet have installation programs for the Open eLectos project.
So you will have to install it the hard way ;-) , using winzip or equivalent and a few extra steps for setting up the workspaces.

Installation requirements

  • A computer running MS Windows and..
  • a webapp 2.1 or webapp 3.0 studio license.
  • IIS 5.0

The application might also work on IIS 4.0, but we haven't tested this. Please note that we do not support IIS 4.0 as we want to be able to use IIS 5.0 specific ASP script syntaxis.

Additional requirements are:
  • for upload support we use the standard Microsoft's Posting Acceptor, Dennis Piccioni wrote a really good article on how-to install this which can be found here
  • for email support we currently use Aspemail from persits software, see
  • for image support we will be using ImageMagick, see

Later revisions of OEL are expected to also support Apache running under Linux.


Open eLectos has been designed to support multiple websites from a single executable.
Because of this we have tried to move all setup information for a specific website into a meta-database (in our case a DataFlex systemfile).

We can identify two basic components:
  • Management Console
  • The Web application itself

The management console is a Visual DataFlex application and is to be used to setup your meta-database.
You are not required to deploy this on your WebApp server, but it sure is handy if you have some means to administer the websites.

A required component to identify is the wiki DLL (antwiki4.dll) this is the DLL used for the wiki formatting and generating your session IDs.
This dll needs to be copied into your webapp bin folder, without this DLL your webapp will not work.
The steps to install the webapplication on your machine are described in the documentation file: "Open_eLectos_Technical_Reference" which is part of the download.