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by Nils G. Svedmyr


Regcheck2 is a follow up project on the original regcheck to get the oplocks settings correct for operating systems that have implemented SMB2.
Size: 883 KB Download
Date Created: 24/07/2012
Date Updated: 15/10/2012
Author: Nils G. Svedmyr
Company: RDC Tools International


Please SUPPORT this project so that it can be completed quickly.
By donating the amount of what you think it is worth for you to to RegCheck2, you not only get the software, but -if you want- you also get to be named as an official sponsor for this project.

Regcheck2 will be a convenient tool for enabling you to keep on supplying your customers with a reliable solution for using the embedded database.

* Everything * you donate goes straight to the development and testing the software.

I would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Current Sponsors

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2012-07-24 Wil van Antwerpen USD 25,=
2012-07-24 Garret Mott USD 25,=
2012-07-24 Richard Hogg USD 25,=
2012-07-24 Dave Porter USD 25,=
2012-07-24 - Todd Forsberg USD 17,59=
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2012-07-26 Legal Software Development, Inc. - Dan Walsh USD 25,=
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2012-08-13 Dave Robinson USD 50,=
2012-08-13 Mike Cooper USD 25,=
2012-08-17 Pieter van Dieren USD 50,=
2012-08-29 allgemeine baugenossenschaft luzern - Mika Vainio USD 50,=
2012-09-23 P.A.Blackburn AG, Luzern USD 50,=
2012-09-24 Peter Fischer USD 25,=
2012-10-23 Kenneth Groh USD 25,=


After a number of hints in my direction on when regcheck will support the newer OS's from Microsoft that have implemented SMB2 (think about Vista / Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 (R2) / Windows Server 2012 ) it might just be time for implementing this part.


Please be aware that you need to switch off opportunistic locking -oplocks- when using the embedded database for reliable sharing of database access when multiple users are accessing the database simultaneously.
The recommended solution for this is to use an SQL database, but sometimes that simply is not an option.
This is where regcheck comes in and assists the developer in that:

a) the oplock settings are set correctly
b) the settings stay correct when using the application by verifying the settings on each start of your application.
c) workstations and servers are both set.


There are a number of new reasons on why Regcheck was never updated to support the new (/) operating systems.

1. We didn't have an urgent need for this ourselves.
2. The recommended ways for reliably detecting the operating system have changed.
3. Microsoft has implemented a new SMB protocol with new oplock settings (SMB2)
4. The changes that are required are very poorly documented by Microsoft.
5. In order to make the required changes on Vista+ the user needs to have sufficient user credentials. Having the user disable User Account Control (UAC) for committing the required registry changes was not an option. This means that the actual change has to be moved to an external application.
6. As opportunistic locking settings depend on a negotiation between the server and client OS, there is a vast array of combinations in operating systems that needs to be supported.


2012-10-15 ~ 931 kB

2012-09-23 ~ 883kB

2012-09-17 ~ 866kB

2012-09-07 ~ 709kB


The project is feature complete and at release candidate stage.

You can track the changes under subversion here: