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Binary file access and other filehandling in WinAPI

by Allan Greis Eriksen


This package uses the Win-API to access binary files.
Filedelete, Filemove, Filecopy and Filerename are functions that uses Win-API and can be used instead of dataflex own commands. I have experienced some problems with the erasefile command with many files to be deleted on a novell network.
Directory and File search included. Get last access, last write and created dates and time with fileattributes. Search only files, directories or both at the same time.
Size: 12 KB Download
Date Created: 05/21/2003
Date Updated: 04/18/2008
Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Company: NordTeam Gruppen ApS

Binary File Access

This package uses the Win-API to access binary files. It was written in VDF5 but there should not be any problems to use it with later versions of VDF.
Since Direct_input is not able to handle binary files under Windows NT I was forced to write my own routines using the Windows API.
These functions will work under Windows 95/98/Me and Windows 2000/NT/XP.

Filenumbers are not limited to 10 but only to system resources! So opening file "test.txt" with filenumber 100 is perfectly legal. These functions are limited to 2 Gb files!

The documentation is in the files.

Download ~ 10 kb


The code can be reached under source control via:
Sample views are included in the zipfile.