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Write a DWord to the registry

by Frank G. Vandervelpen


Normally if you write a value to the registry, it will be a string value. This document tells you how to write a DWord value
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Date Created: 09/20/1999
Date Updated: 09/20/1999
Author: Frank G. Vandervelpen
Company: Velpe Development bvba

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Write a DWord to the registry

// In VDF7 or earlier you can use this:
Procedure Set FVProfDword global string spath string skey string svalue DWord dwValue 
  Reg_set_DWord spath skey svalue to dwvalue 
End_Procedure  //


Procedure WindowNT_Serverke 
  set_registry_root to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE 'System' 
  // regpath sextention svalue setting 
  Set FVProfDWord 'CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer' "FVSleutel" "FVValue" 1